Pole Tied  

In addition to yokes, spreaders and even more complex mechanical devices, I like to use a variety of poles, rods and bars to force Gina into positions suitable for her to be used as sexual property.




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In a variation on the wooden pony, Gina is made to straddle a pole suspended from the rafters while a spreader bar holds her legs far apart. Gina's primary and backup sex holes are violated by the poles in this scene. In a luxurious setting a very long pole is thrust into her sex hole and tied in position. It was precarious, mean and raw.A very satisfying predicament.
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Pole Tied 4
I wanted Gina uncomfortable. I wanted her in high heels with her knees and ankles separated, unable to stand. I knew this position would stress her out and I enjoyed watching her suffer. Spread apart, but now on the floor, I focused her attention on her mouth and tongue as I used the ropes to hold her head in a pulled back position. Wrists tied in front, I pulled her arms sharply back and jammed a pole between her elbows and her back. I created a rope harness that pulled a second pole tightly up into her crotch and made her ride the pole as I moved her from room to room. In this brutal scene I use a pole in front and behind her neck to hold Ginas arms at shoulder height. Any front or rearward movement provides discomfort and her boobs provide a firm anchor against sideways shifts.