Gina's Piercing

Bigger Rings


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As Daddy frequently told Gina, he had many uses in mind for her cunt rings. “Unfortunately,” he said in his usual matter-of-fact tone, as he leaned close and carefully examined the rings, “in their current state, the rings do not meet industrial design specifications.” He looked up at Gina and shook his head. “I expect that it will be a long and painful process to bring them up to my precise and exacting standards, but it is just something that the fuck machine will, of necessity, be required to endure.”


Pretty and useful, but not industrial grade as compared to his standards and these chain links inserted in her primary hole.


Daddy was certainly pleased that the initial perforations for the four critical attachment points in the fuck machine’s weight bearing lips were in place. Gina knew that he had enjoyed watching the piercing process - enjoyed watching large spikes being forced through her tissues and #6 rings inserted in the holes. When he arranged for her hard usage in Washington DC about a month after the new rings’ insertion, he was extremely pleased to discover that the rings had an added benefit of heightening her arousal during penetration, even without direct contact. He told his friends, and other interested parties to whom he demonstrated Gina’s capabilities, of this interesting and useful development at every opportunity.

But Daddy had ordered down time for the machine so that the holes would become strong and stable. He was concerned when longer down time than expected proved to be required. It was a full four months from their insertion that two of the three new perforations finally began to cease distortion and leaking and began to stabilize.

Lips swollen and lubricated during the healing process.

Daddy had arranged to take Gina to a conference so that she could be displayed and used. He planned to take her to the piercer the day before the conference to have the two upper perforations stretched and larger jewelry inserted. He told Gina, “The larger jewelry will make it clear to the participants that Gina is Daddy’s owned property and an industrial cunt and fuck machine.”

Gina was very afraid of the stretching process, since it hurt her far more than the initial piercings. She was particularly scared because of the huge increase in hole size required to go from a size 6 to a size 4 ring. “Daddy,” she asked, “can Gina wear weights on the rings so that she can stretch the holes herself before Daddy has the procedure done?” When Daddy agreed, she attached a large padlock to each of the top two rings. The locks clicked together when she walked. Their weight pulled down and distorted her lips and made the ring holes burn.

The day that Gina met Daddy at the hotel, she wore the locks all day under her skirt. It made her cunt wet to drive with the locks on her rings. But when she walked from one end of a large mall to the other with the heavy locks attached, to buy the stockings that Daddy likes, the ring holes became very sore and swollen. Still, she hoped that her holes would stretch enough to minimize the discomfort when the piercer completed the process the next day.

When Daddy met her in the hotel room and saw the locks grossly elongating Gina’s lips, he got very hard and fucked and beat her vigorously with the locks still attached as a sign of his approval.

The next afternoon, prior to the start of the conference, Daddy took Gina to the piercer. As she lay on the table waiting for the piercer to prepare his equipment she was very afraid. She thought that the pain would be unbearable . . .but she knew that, as Daddy’s fuck machine, she did not have a choice. So she reconciled herself to the pain and tried to calm her heart’s rapid beating.

The piercer slid the big taper into the hole. He told Daddy that it went half way through and Gina was ready to be stretched. While she breathed deeply to prepare herself, he massaged the tissue and slid the taper further into the hole. Finally, Gina told him she was ready. She took a breath and when she let it out he pulled the taper all the way through. The pain was intense, but not as bad as she expected. Loud sounds that were somewhere between moans and screams came from her mouth over and over until the piercer told her to breath and Daddy told her to be silent. The piercer waited for the pain to subside and then he inserted the new jewelry. The rough edge of the jewelry scraped against her swollen, tender skin and hurt her further.

The insertion of the #6 ring where the #8 had been went quite easily. But again, the jewelry scraped her tender skin as it was inserted.

Gina was very sore and swollen. She could not walk easily, but she felt very happy that she had accomplished the new insertions.



The first night of the conference, when Daddy took Gina to the party suites to be used, everyone stared in either horror or amazement at Gina’s new rings. They had never seen such large rings in a girl’s cunt before. Even a big black man, who had many piercings, including two rings in his scrotum, was astonished by Gina’s rings.

Daddy had hung the silver fob from the ring opposite the big ring so that the lips would stretch to hang evenly. Everyone wanted to feel how heavy the weight was.

In the group room, with Daddy’s assistance, men held Gina down on a bed and ate her cunt. The first man was very hard and rough with his mouth. His bristly beard hurt Gina’s tender flesh. She looked up beseechingly at Daddy so that he would know that the man was damaging her. Daddy leaned over and whispered into her ear. “Lie back and take it, cunt. You are only here for his pleasure.” Gina tried to unclench her tense muscles and surrender to the pain. Even though the discomfort was great, she felt her body respond and begin to lubricate itself as she sank into her function as Daddy’s owned property.

The second man was the black man with the piercings and the third was another big black man that Daddy knew. They stuffed their hands inside of her and licked her little girl parts until she came. Then, when her girl parts were hypersensitive, they held her down and licked her more. Gina writhed and screamed in agony, but she could not prevent herself from coming many times. After each time she came, their manipulations became more excruciating. When they were finally finished, Gina walked even more awkwardly than before.

One night, Daddy and Gina met a group of pretty, wild girls on the dance floor. One of the girls was wearing the same short red PVC dress that Gina had on. Rather than being horrified, the girls all liked Gina’s rings and wanted to show them to their husbands. The husbands were turned on when Daddy made Gina open her cunt lips for them. Gina went to the center of the dance floor and danced with the girls while Daddy watched. She followed Daddy’s instructions and pulled up her dress and showed everyone who was watching her rings.

For the next days, until the end of the conference, Daddy made sure that Gina’s cunt was exposed so that her cunt lips, distorted by the rings and weights, could be displayed to all the people at the conference. Daddy took particular pleasure in demonstrating the strength and durability of the rings by pulling hard on Gina’s fob so that her cunt lip stretched three or four inches. He enjoyed watching the girls who saw his demonstration wince and exclaim in horror as he grabbed the fob and pulled it vigorously away from Gina’s body.

Daddy and his fucktoy made lots of new friends and became notorious at the conference. By the end, though, Gina lips were unbearably swollen and tender. Daddy sent her home to recover for her next hard usage.


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