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Wooden Pony

The wooden pony is a fascinating device is it not? What could be simpler than making a girl straddle a massive wooden board. And yet the variety of riding styles is endless.

In fact the wooden pony is one of our favorite demonic devices and one of the first we experimented with. Some of the photos here are amongst our earliest. But over time the goals and challenges have remained the same. Provide a ride that is stimulating for the rider and amusing for those that watch.



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A wooden pony can be used in a wide variety of ways with reactions ranging from boredom to frustration to erotic stimulation to discomfort to excruciating pain. Every ride is different.

The wooden pony can be a ride of frustration - this one lasted over an hour.

As is the case with many pony rides, in this exasperating session the rider becomes desperate to get off.
This was a very pleasurable pony ride.

This one too.







In other instances the same riders are forced into far more painful positions.


Note nipples tied to beam to inhibit standing up.


Note lines to labia to inhibit forward movement.








The rider will want to relieve pain to the crotch.  

And this starts the up and down motion that gives this device it's name. The rider will try to dismount and move into positions that are more comfortable.


And therefore a wide variety of schemes must be used to keep them in place. Schemes that can also help intensify their ride.


Wooden Ponies come in all shapes and sizes, and can take many forms.  
This one is portable and can be used in hotels and at parties.
This one has a wider V that forces the rider's legs apart.


Note that her wrists and ankles are fastened to prevent dismount and that as the ride progresses additional restriction and stimulation is added.


This permanent installation is designed for great flexibility and fine adjustment.

Note the jack screws that can be used to micro adjust the height.

Two can ride.

It's best if they're gagged.

Photo courtesy of Mr. Ogre
Some are just improvised.  


Keeping a rider in place is not always as simple as it seems either. One must often be creative to insure that she stays put. And it's sometimes a challenge to make her ride more or less pleasant.  

Here the ride starts pleasant enough. Handcuffs are used to prevent her from removing her gag, but not applied so tight as to overly constrict the wrists. Her ankles are tied to prevent dismount.

In this position she can use her hands for support.

A rope to her gag pulls her head back.

Her wrists are raised so she can no longer use her hands for support. Heavy cast iron weights are attached to her nipples to provide upward force.


Her wrists are lowered so she can use them to maintain balance, but her ankles are raised off the floor.

Note: Her balance was carefully monitored for safety.


In this instance the rider is tied to the post, and unlikely able to dismount. But her ankles are tied to the post anyway to prevent movement and increase her level of discomfort.  
A Brutal Ride. In this case even though her ankles are not fastened, she can not dismount because of the extreme weights connected to her labia.  
If she seeks relief by rising up, the weights pull her nipples up. Friction in the line prevents her from setting back down without further force being applied to her nipples.


A pony ride can be long or short, soft or hard. The handler can draw upon many techniques to help achieve the result he desires. This rider had to be forced into increasingly difficult positions before the horse could break her.  
The ride started out simply with her straddling the beam. Her wrists were fastened and elevated to the front to prevent use of her hands. Lines to her collar prevented frontward movement.
Lines clamped to her nipples and labia prevented rearward movement and added a bit of distraction to the pain in her crotch..

Her legs were spread to lower her position on the beam.



Spiked balls were tied to her arches to discourage the lowering of her legs.
Additional clamped lines to her labia pulled her crotch tighter onto the beam.
Her legs were hoisted off of the ground to add more pressure directly to her crotch. She rode for a while longer before the horse finally did break her.


On a wooden pony ride care must be taken to prevent the rider from dismounting, falling off, or achieving too comfortable a position.  

Here the rider was made to straddle the wooden pony in an awkward position.

Her wrists were tied behind her back, pulled upward and fastened to the pole.


Her ankles were pulled forward and tied firmly to the bottom rail so that she could not move them. She was thus encouraged to sit on the board rather than stand and straddle it.


After a time her pussy lips were clamped, pulled downward and firmly fastened to the board.



Still later her tits were clamped and lashed to the beam as an inducement to lean forward.

In this position her clit pressed harder against the board.


As you can tell, riding the wooden pony is a favorite pastime of ours.


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