Bondage Demons


Tit Shelf



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There are clearly many excellent examples of serving trays that have been attached to service girls. But for the most part they are attached at the waist - a logical positioning arrangement. But is it not also desirable for a shelf positioned higher up. A shelf at breast level whereby the guest can be proudly offered refreshment and other service items in full view of a girl's most curvaceous attributes. Indeed for some offerings the breasts can be utilized to cushion and stabilize precarious vessels.

  And for those special girls equipped with nipple attachments, the tit shelf makes perfect sense. From the standpoint of aesthetic appeal, her nipples can be stretched and presented to the guest in spectacular fashion. For girls in need of a little discipline or torment, tautness can be adjusted accordingly.
Tit shelves are especially suitable for slaves who must kneel as part of their service routine as the offering remains at a more convenient height for the user. Similarly refreshments offered at cocktail parties by standing slaves remain at eye level, for easy inspection and selection.

Choosing a tit shelf for a serving option allows the owner to leave the slave girls ribcage and belly appealingly exposed so that guests can fully admire or caress bare skin or decorative belly rings and adornments. A less obstructed access to the lower girl regions can also be of benefit.

Girls supporting tit shelves must maintain excellent posture head position which will only enhance their appeal and decorum.    



The tit shelf was conceived for and is probably best utilized with slave girls with sturdy integrated attachment points such as nipple bars or rings, nose rings, ear holes, tongue studs, belly rings, cunt rings, and the like. However it can also be effectively used on slaves without the aforementioned attachment points by utilizing intermediate support devices such as collars, gags, hooks and straps.

  It is of course essential that the slaves arms and hands not be allowed to come into contact with the shelf or in any way assist with the stability or serving function.


Part of the appeal of this concept is that the head must remain level to properly support the load. Another desirable aspect is that a portion of the load can be supported or stabilized by sensitive body parts such as the nipples, nose, ears, tongue, labia etc. Structurally the nipples provide excellent attachment points for precise positioning and security of the load.


In addition to the offering of goods placed on the tray for guests, the fact that the slaves breasts are also served up on a platter has merit.  



A crude prototype was made to test the concept.

A back strap was used to firmly attach the shelf directly below the breasts.

Wires and hooks were used to attach the shelf to the nose ring and nipple hoops. In this configuration alone it was determined that the shelf could support moderate weight.

  The tit attachments provided good stability and weight bearing capability. Due to the low support angle, tension on the nipples had to be quite firm. Once the nose wire was attached, the slave had to take care to keep her head level or she would experience discomfort from the nose ring.
To increase weight bearing capacity, metal rods from below were configured to support part of the load. Attachment points at the shelf and cunt rings were crude, but proved the concept. An easily adjustable height mechanism would be a desirable feature.



The tit shelf performed quite well in early testing.


The tray was positioned directly beneath the breasts so that there would be no upward shifting of the shelf. Slave's boobs rested nicely on the tray.

Slaves could indeed support moderate loads and maintain stability while walking or moving.
With support from steel rods attached to cunt rings the load could be increased significantly.
It was determined that utilization of cords worked well and in some instances better than stiff wires.  




Further exploration and development of support mechanisms from below to take advantage of slaves with labial attachments.

Integration of torment features into shelving units.

Different sizes and shapes.

Multiple shelves.


More testing !!!!