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Tit Puller





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Every woman wants to present a well projected frame and every man wants to see a girl's tits stick out as far as they can. Tit pullers just make sense.

Tit pullers allow access to the deliciously sensitive under side of the breast.

They also allow the operator to control the degree of pleasure or pain delivered to the wearer.




There are many tit puller designs. Constructing one is actually a somewhat tricky task because you need a strong yet stable anchoring point. Many designs rely on a single support base placed on the woman's chest between the breasts. I admire many of these designs.

As an alternative, this particular device mounts to a breast press. The breast press makes an ideal foundation platform because it straps firmly in place and provides both lateral and vertical stability. It has the additional advantage that the victim's tits can be crushed as well as stretched if desired (although this is not necessary for the stretcher to work).



This device is still in early development.

There are so many possibilities for aesthetic presentation and practical application.

And there are the ever perplexing problems of making a device suitable for all body shapes and styles. Adjustability in this version was achieved by using turnbuckles to pull the girl's boobs and tits outward from her chest.
Guy wires provide vertical support and lateral stability.

Powerful clamping force is required for long wear. These clamps can hold with light to very severe force depending upon how they are adjusted.

Be careful though - allowing your friend to wear a tit puller can put them into a dreamy state. On the other hand it can hurt like hell. At any rate, remember to tie their hands be hind them because at some point they will want to take it off - and that of course remains your decision.



Experimentation with various types of nipple clamps. They must grasp the nipples very firmly or they will slip off under the constant pressure. Some women I'm sure will required the excruciating biting power of alligator clamps whereas others my require a more gentle clamping action.

Experimentation with various stretching mechanisms, and perhaps springs.

Refinement of the geometry required to achieve stability and function over a wide range of subjects.

Aesthetic refinement. A good design provides visual access to the breasts. It also should provide physical access so that the subject can be further stimulated or tortured.

As always - suggestions are welcome.