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Nipple Stretcher

- Wooden Disks



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The benefits of nipple stretching, and why nipple stretchers are essential devices for connoisseurs of female manipulation, stimulation and torment have already been discussed in the feature Nipple Stretchers - wire.

Having achieved good results with wire nipple stretchers, I wanted something different. Something functional, yet unusual and dramatic. So I thought I would try something made of wood. I like to work with wood. I like it's appearance, feel and texture.

I wanted a device that would push a girl's tits outward and yet leave the tips completely exposed and available for manipulation, stimulation or abuse.

I also like to imagine how men would stretch a woman's nipples in simpler times without the benefit of modern materials and tools.



Once again, this design relies on the modern practicality of substantial nipple bars inserted into the nipples. (I suppose that in olden times bones or thin spikes could have been used.) The nipple bar is longer than the hole in the outer disk, so as the combined thickness of the two disks is increased, the nipples are forced outward. A number of approaches may be taken to increase disk thickness, including thicker disks, stacked disks, screw jacks and shim material inserted between the two.


[Note: Only women with bars or rings of substantial thickness and adequate length or diameter can wear this type of stretcher.]



As usual, actual construction and fit proved more challenging than one would imagine.

It was initially thought that the outer ring would consist of a complete disk, and that the nipple and bar could be threaded through the center hole. That proved problematic, and it became necessary to split the disk.

The size of the hole in the inner disk was tricky. On the one hand it had to be large enough to allow adequate nipple protrusion. On the other, it had to provide adequate surface and stability for an adjustment mechanism so that nipple stretch could be increased while being worn.

Test subject is bound while scrap material is used to build prototypes.

Note different diameters of inner and outer holes. In advanced versions, disks of different outer diameters were used as well. The inside of the inner disk is tapered for comfort.





Wood thickness testing.

A variety of solutions to assemble and secure the two haves were tried and considered. Banding clamps (as shown here) provide an excellent solution. More aesthetic and elaborate solutions are available, but the clamps are secure, easy to operate, can not be removed by the wearer and add to the industrial look and feel which many appreciate and is appropriate for the property which it is affixed to in these photos.

  It was found beneficial to machine detents into the outer disk so that the nipple bars would not shift position. This also allows the nipples to be twisted while they are being stretched.

In this instance, rope has been used as shim material between the two disks. The resulting additional projection is significant.




Due to the large surface area pressing against the breast, the stretchers are relatively comfortable and can be worn a long time.

The large, relatively flat profile does allow the stretchers to be worn beneath clothing, though this would be readily obvious unless worn under a fairly bulky coat or wrap.

The two disks alone provide significant stretching. Additional shim material can be added to increase stretching if deemed appropriate.

Significant manipulation of the subject's mammaries is required during installation resulting in a rewarding tactile experience for the trainer.

The ogle factor of this design is significant. The sexual significance of the wearer's nipples and the fact that her capabilities are being maximized can not be ignored.

Other than the tips, the nipples are obscured and unavailable for probing or stimulation. Sorry - just one of the characteristics of this design.

A girl's trainer can pull the outer disk away from the inner one while they are being worn so that stretch capability can be assessed or to merely torment the wearer. The disks snap smartly back into position when released.




Stacking rings

Screw jacks

Side spikes or abrasive materials to assault the sides of the nipples.

Locking devices to prevent removal of outer rings by well intentioned rescuers who happen to possess a screw driver.

As always, your suggestions.