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Nipple Stretcher

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There are a few older pictures on the Internet that provided inspiration for specific designs, but beyond that a fundamental recognition of the necessity for such devices stimulated this research. The rationale for stretching should be self evident. A girl's nipples are focal points of her pleasure, pain, exhibitionism, attractiveness and power. They demand to be assaulted.

Nipple stretchers are remarkably useful devices for accentuating the most forward projecting part of the female anatomy. First to arrive on the scene it is only appropriate that these harbingers of a female's arrival be more fully distended. Furthermore, exhibition of the female with nipples thrust outward provides open encouragement for others to admire her femininity and recognize her sexual nature. And as a fashion statement is there anything that can be done to the female form that screams "look at me" in a more dramatic way?

Nipple size and projection may not even be an issue. Even used in private, the mere pulling and constant pressure provides useful stimulation - pleasant or painful.

A spectacular entrance can be achieved when a slave is presented with stretched nipples.
Many women require painful reminder that their sexual parts are the property of their owners and as such subject to whatever pleasure or abuse their owners deem fit. For some this might be a mere tweaking of their perkiness. Others may require nipples that are grossly distended as the focal point of their femininity.



In reality, the best way to stretch a girl's nipples it to first have them pierced, and have fairly large bars or rings inserted into them. Dainty little wires are inadequate to provide sufficient bearing force for aggressive stretching and thin gauge wire may even damage the nipple. It is a happy consequence of today's fashion conscious and sexually aware world that ever increasing numbers of women now support sufficient hardware to have their nipples mechanically pulled and stretched.


[Note: Only women with nipple bars of substantial thickness and adequate length can wear this type of stretcher.]

Even with the proper hardware, the degree of distortion and pulling that can be achieved is somewhat dependent upon the physical anatomy of each specimen and the degree to which she can be forced to accept the stretching regimen.


In these designs, stiff wires are used to cushion the inner breast and provide a base from which thrust wires contact and hold the nipple bars firmly in their outstretched positions.

With this design, the nipple is completely exposed. It can be stimulated or subjected to torment not only at the tip but from all sides. Crops, canes, slappers, whips, pointy things, vibrators, heat and cold can all be applied in ways not conventionally available.

This design is intended to have a significant broadcast factor - the construction is industrial and attention getting. Having the female wear nipple stretchers under her blouse or sweater in public allows her to attract the attention which she craves and deserves.




The concept turned out to be the easy part. It was surprisingly difficult to convert the designs into useable stretchers. First of all were the challenges of selecting materials which were suitably malleable to be molded into the proper shape and yet stiff enough to exert the force required to pull and hold the nipple outward.

This early design is attractive, functional and allows easy application, but lacks stability.

The wood segments in the photos are part of an experiment involving wooden nipple stretchers discussed in another device section.

More practical is a design which regulates the width of the nipple passage and allows adjustment of the amount of pull exacted on the nipple.

  In practice, a detent is necessary or the bar may slip out of position.




Visual testing worked well in that the resulting hard on was achieved in a mere fraction of a second. Reactions of other male viewers seem to verify the data obtained by the inventor.

Head turning factor - significant among both sexes. The girls tend to cringe a lot.


Endurance - surprisingly good. The test subject has worn them for intervals of many hours

Tactile sensation. Tips of the nipples were hard, firm and tightly stretched. The slave reported increased sensation and stimulation as well.


Fucking with girl on top resulted in mind blowing orgasms . Not only was the visual spectacular, but the nipples were forced close enough to cause much more frequent contact with the fucker's chest resulting in mind blowing stimulation.


Getting ready for a party. In some circles a girl can wear this design under her street clothes, but admittedly not most. Commercially available nipple trainers and stretchers made with more sophisticated manufacturing techniques offer lower profiles that are more applicable for public transport and display.

The stretchers can be worn in varied orientations. These photos show top and bottom orientation of the thrusting wires.

Alas, when stretchers are removed nipples recede. Such disappointment! Are they not far more spectacular when forced to their full extension? The degree to which permanent elongation is achieved is unknown, but they remain ready for stretching another day when they once again assume their full glory.




Aesthetic variation.

Adjustability so that the degree of stretch can be modified over time. Ultimately the slave should be required to wear the devices for days or weeks at a time.

Spring action - appropriately balanced so that body movements will result in a massaging and stimulating sensation.

Torment accessories. As it turns out, the stretchers often provide a pleasant experience for the wearer. In some instances attachments which provide pain and annoyance may be in order.