Bondage Demons

Nipple Clamp


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There just aren't enough nipple clamps out there. Considering the fact that nipple torture is one of the most basic elements of female torment it is amazing how little variety exists in the hardware available to fasten and stimulate the most enticing part of female anatomy.

I wanted a clamp powerful enough to stay on even when subjected to considerable pulling forces.

I wanted something aesthetic.

I wanted something that would allow access to the tip of the nipple even when the clamp was in place.




This nipple clamp actually fastens behind the nipple. When the breast behind is compressed, the nipple itself actually tends to hold the clamp in place.
I wanted a closing mechanism which could be very tight yet was controllable.
[Note: Not all women (especially those with very firm breasts) can wear this type of clamp.]
Initially, I conceived it as a bar clamp, but thought it would be nice if the clamp could be used to tether the girl to things, so it evolved into a ring or donut style clamp which allows a rope, cord or bar to be run through the hole.




I fastened her to a post with them. She wasn't particularly happy about that, but she couldn't pull them off.
I was happy that the rope ran across her nipples as I pulled it through the clamps.

Do the clamps hold firmly?


Well, I suspended a cast iron ball from her tits and the clamps didn't pull off - most clamps can't pass this test.


You're experience may vary.

Note: She lifted the cast iron ball off the ground with her tits and walked around the room for a while - but I don't have any decent photos. Maybe next time. The clamps held very well.




The present version is quite functional.

They can be applied with variable pressure. Under full force they can be very tight.

The tip of the nipple remains exposed when the clamp is in place and can be stimulated with a finger or probe. A cord run through the hole can stimulate as well as hold her in place.

They look very cool in a medieval sort of way.






Variations in shape and size.

Spikes and serrations incorporated to provide additional pain.

Holes to allow insertion of needles or electrodes into the breast.

As always, send your suggestions.