Bondage Demons


Head Cage




Iron masks and head cages from old movies and the Internet of course, but more importantly I wanted something that girls could wear on a long term basis. Something that was intrusive, but would allow them to go about their daily activities. Also something that would be outwardly objectifying and degrading.



Head cages can be made in many sizes and shapes. The first was sized to fit most and follow the contours of the head and face. It is riveted together, has a hinged opening and is locked closed with padlocks. It was meant to obscure sight lines, but it is light and relatively easy to wear for long periods.

Wearers can perform normal functions and even sleep in them. It is not so heavy as to chafe, dig into the shoulders or cause head or neck strain.

One attribute is that it is difficult (though not impossible) to suck cock while wearing it. This can be an advantage if the intent is to discourage this activity. Otherwise......


The second design provides a large round opening at mouth level for obvious reasons. Rather than rely on a hinged opening, the front and back portions are positioned about the head and fastened in place with locked tabs. When not on the wearer's head it can thus be transported more efficiently. Different combinations of front and back coupled together.

With both designs, wearers tend to look sad. A highly desirable outcome.
Another design feature added to the second unit was placement of attachment points so that the wearer can be lead around or tethered to various objects. This also allows for the implementation of various predicament situations.


Thus far all designs have met the objective of allowing slave girls to perform normal duties while their heads are caged. But they are certainly handicapped and aware of their position.


A notable exception is in the facilitation of cock sucking. The second model is acceptable as far as this capability goes. The hole for cock access is large enough, positioned correctly. The head cage encompasses the head tightly enough so as to allow deep penetration.

But improvements can be made. The upper band which encloses the face makes contact with the nose when the subject's mouth is opened wide causing some discomfort for the wearer, and limiting how wide the mouth can be opened. An additional model will be constructed to eliminate this inconvenience.



Different styles and shapes.

Exploration of different materials.

Different sizes both tighter and looser.

Pressure plates to the side of the head.

Oral intrusions such as would be found in a brank.

And, of course, a model which is optimized for the sucking of cock.


Any Suggestions?