Bondage Demons

Girl Box

Such a simple concept - yet so versatile





The girl box was requested by a friend, who wanted his wife stored in it.

A box. To store girls in. It seemed a bit simplistic to me.

Why would I want a girl inside a box? Especially if I did not have access to her. At least with a cage I can see my victim, and poke at her a bit if I feel like it.

But the more I started thinking about it, the more possibilities began to pop into my mind.

A box is more severe storage than a cage - and that can be a good thing. A box can be dark. A box can be cold. A box can be hot. A box can be claustrophobic. In a box a girl can loose track of time and can't see what is being prepared for her outside. A girl can become bored. A girl can become cramped. A girl can be scared. Now I was thinking.

Plus a girl box can have lots of accessories! Maybe it has a seat. Maybe the seat isn't so comfortable. Maybe the box has restraints inside. Maybe probes can be inserted into the box.

Maybe a girl can live in a box.

What a wonderful idea! A girl box!



My friend and I discussed some basic design concepts. For example it should be large enough that she could sit in it. It should be made so that her head, and wrists could be locked outside the box. But beyond that he left it pretty much up to me.

I struggled with several concepts, but as my imagination started running wild with things that could be done to a girl in a box, I knew I wanted the design to be very flexible so that a girl could be positioned in many different ways, and so that girls of different proportions could be placed into the box.

I used different slave girls to take measurements for the box.





All four sides, the top and bottom of the girl box are enclosed. Side panels slide in grooves and can be locked in place. This design allows different panels to be inserted depending upon how the girl is to be restrained or accessed. Wrist and ankle holes of appropriate size and placement can be used. Top and bottom panels are removable, yet can be fixed in place.

The box has a reinforced elevated floor which can support a number of seating arrangements. Floor panels can be left in place for full enclosure and kneeling comfort, or removed for discomfort or in case girl fluids need to be drained during long periods of residence.



Attachment points are liberally placed so that girls can be confined and contorted into an infinite variety of positions.

The box can be left relatively open for insertion and access to the girl or can be closed up for isolation and other forms of torment. Light can be effectively sealed for dark time, while at the same time provisions are in place for effective ventilation.

A removable hydraulically operated seat can be used for precise positioning of the girl's carriage. In the photos below it is used to position her neck so that it may be effectively captured by the top panel. Elevation changes to adjust comfort, probe insertions and other elements of arousal and torment are envisioned.






All sorts of experiments, predicaments and storage arrangements are planned.

Girls stuffed into the box and left to their own devices, and girls severely restrained. Probes sharp and blunt being thrust in their direction. Temperature extremes. Two girls in the box, perhaps three. Positions of every orientation. Forced orgasms and orgasms denied.


The possibilities are endless. We will keep you posted.

As always, your suggestions are welcome.