Carly takes her first ride on the wooden pony


Carly looks real sexy as she straps on her five inch platform heels. We are lounging in the living room as I tell her what is in store for her this afternoon. I will often do that - give her a hint of what is to come. I don't usually give her specific details, just images. It seems to arouse her curiosity and lets her mentally prepare for things she would not ordinarily do. One might think that it would spoil the element of surprise, but I find it actually intensifies our experiences. I can push her harder.



Today I am going to make her ride the wooden pony. Most of you know what that is, and if you're anything like me you're horny just thinking about it. It will be a long afternoon and I will put her through a long series of erotic encounters and torture. The nice thing about the wooden pony is that she gets to choose her position - but in the end it doesn't matter. The choices she makes will eventually conspire against her and (unless I miss my guess) she will eventually put herself through a lot of pain.


The mood for the afternoon builds slowly as the assault on our senses begins. The lighting is dark as the aroma of the candles mixes with the violent stains of music from Massive Attack.



She wears only a long black robe and high heels. With her eyes she tells me to remove my pants as I sit sprawled in the chair adjacent to her. I can feel the internal pressures building in my groin and can perceive the effects of the same pressures within her. Her left hand encircles my cock as the right lifts a cigarette to her lips. She draws on it deeply. My cock responds quickly to the magic effects of her fingers as they provide just the right pressure with perfect rhythm. Not too much though - she has developed the optimum technique for maintaining a hard useable tool. We both know this will be a long day.



I am extremely proud of how bold Carly has become. A year ago she would never have allowed, much less requested, me to strip in her living room with her roommate sleeping only one room down the hall. The element of discovery heightens the mood as I watch the backlit wisps of smoke rise in dancing patterns amid the haunting sounds that fill the room. The pressure of her hand on my hard, but controlled member helps build the perfect mood for the days activities.



I can tell that she is now incredibly horny as she rises and leads me to her bedroom. Before I make her mount the pony and tie her hands behind her back she begs for and receives just a few moments of oral stimulation. It is the last stimulation she will receive from me for the next few hours.



As I write this Carly has begun to ride the wooden pony. For those of you who don't know, the pony is deceptively simple and diabolically evil. A girl is made to straddle a massive wooden board which is pulled up into her crotch. Depending upon how she is tied, the sensations can range from extreme pleasure to extreme pain. She is normally tied in such a way that she can shift her position to relieve pressure. This action invariably places pressure or strain on another area so eventually her entire body becomes fatigued. The resulting motions usually resemble a pony ride.



In Carly's case it is working remarkably well. In fact I didn't even have a chance to finish fastening her to it before it began to work its erotic magic on her. As soon as I had tied her hands behind her back she realized the pleasurable effects that could be derived from shifting her position along the wooden rail. I've been watching her for over half an hour now as she continues to writhe in convulsing patterns. I think she has forgotten that I am here. But time is on my side and she will soon realize that the pony has many personalities.



Not wanting to spoil the ecstasy of her ride, I held off fastening her ankles together until now. I have simply connected them together with a loose rope to deny her the luxury of an easy dismount.



FUCK!!! she says as she stomps her foot hard enough to drive the spike from her shoe through the floor. I think she is beginning to get frustrated. Not wanting to be particularly helpful I tell her that she has to figure out how to dismount on her own. But to show her what a nice guy I am I've untied her hands and handcuffed them in front of her. I'm actually quite impressed with her antics and skill as she shifts her positions and uses her high heels to undo the knots that prevent her from dismounting.


In a way I have failed. I had hoped that as her pony ride continued, Carly's pleasure would turn to pain and frustration. In my entertained state, I have neglected to fasten her ankles in such a way as she could not escape. Now Carly tells me that the frustration has nothing to do with pain - but that she is still incredibly horny and that she has something else she wants me to do to her. Apparently she has cum throughout the entire ride and says that the pony is definitely "a keeper". I'm going to take this intermission to comply with a few requests, but as I tell her now, the second ride is yet to come.