Naked Slave Girl

Part 2



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At this point the auctioneer appeared. It was his job to insure that all of the bidders' questions were answered and that all of her responses were fully tested.

Several of the bidders were interested in her responses to pain and the threat of bodily harm. All I can say is that he is the master of his craft.

As the bidding progressed there were many questions, and I was given ample opportunity to extoll her many virtues. It was apparent that she would fetch a good price, but I confess my enthusiasm was tempered by her apparent distress. She clearly did not want to be sold.

The bidding neared a close and I applied clamps to her nipples both to stimulate the crowd and to shift the focus of her mind from the auction to her body's responses.

When it was over I couldn't have been happier. She brought a fantastic price - far exceeding my expectations. As I took out the keys and removed the locks that held her shackles in place, I believe even she was resolved to the fact that she now had a new owner.

The auctioneer took her away.



Later, I'm sure she was puzzled as he handed her back to me and I reattached her chains.



By matter of explanation I simply told her that I had repurchased her. I am your new owner.

A good naked slave girl is hard to find.