Naked Slave Girl

Part 1

I arrived at the slave auction with plenty of time to exhibit her to potential buyers before the auction process began. This gave me ample opportunity to demonstrate what an excellent slave she was - loyal, obedient and affectionate.


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Auction rules prescribed that slaves were to be naked and restrained at all times. She did not appear to be enthused that she was to be sold, but was obedient and demure as I removed her clothes and attached the band that indicated she was for sale. Excellent behavior for a slave - she will bring a good price.
So as not to interfere with the crowds, I allowed her to carry rather than drag the ball and chain as we traveled down the long corridor to the auction hall. We met several prospective buyers during the journey and interest in her is very high. She hesitated as we entered the hall, but followed my directions as I guided her to the floor.
Auction rules state that slave girls are not allowed to walk erect in the hall itself.
I guided my slave to her bidding station and chained her in place.

Though dozens of potential buyers milled around, she avoided their glances and followed my movements as I checked in with the auctioneer. Loyalty is a fine trait in a slave girl.

I returned to comfort her and assure her that the high quality of the buying crowd and fervent interest in her were good indications that her new owner would place exceptional value on his purchase. She did not appear to draw solace from my words, but accepted her fate with resolve.
  Several of the bidders wished to examine her physical attributes and view her responses to breast stimulation. Despite her reticence she instinctively opened her legs as my fingers massaged her breasts.
I clasped my hand firmly around her throat to exert my authority and regulate her breathing. As taught, she presented herself in a way that was pleasing to the crowd. Perfect response to stimulation and training.


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